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Report by T2gngfXJ
by 3 years ago
proportion of possibly violent radicals in the population among Moslems is higher than that for Jews and lower than that for Christians.I don’t doubt that some significant percentange of Christians are “possibly violent raia2dlsc21;. And I’m prepared to take on faith that a lesser percentage of Jews are “possibly violent radicals”. But I ain’t buying your assertion that the percentage of “possibly violent radicals” among Moslems is lower than that among Christians witout youse show ta me a real high brow study by forkin over one a dem linky tings youse alus askin narc for.
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Caller: m7afAKnlL
Type of call: Telemarketer

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Types of call
Telemarketer (1)

Who is the caller?
m7afAKnlL (1)

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