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Report by Jesus
by 6 years ago
@smartie - they didn't, they haven't, they won't. Ever
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Type of call: Likely Phishing or Scam
Report by jabble
by 6 years ago
incoming call from 0843 742 0470, I'm bored so i pick it up... this is what happened next, like 5 mins ago, its not copy n paste either i wrote it lol "dear customer, we are legally bound to inform you, you are entitled to a full ppi refund plus compensation within 12 days, press 5 to receive a refund now. *presses five* Over enthusiastic for a Tuesday voice "hi there your through to the claim center can I start by taking your name?" "I'm a customer you phoned me? seems you owe me money so I will just take a check if that's ok?" "We don't owe you money you rang us!" "no pal the message said I'm a customer, and you owe me so i say again a check in the post is fine" "I'm sorry, that's an automated mail, then you connected to us and we can get you the money you are owed from your bank!" "ok cool which bank, and how much am I owed, will it be a check as it said 12 days so I assume its just a case of printing one 2nd class post then clearing time that's 12 days isn't it?" "well who is your bank?" "are you not representing my back?" "no, if i could just take some details from you, i can start your claim" "claim for what?" "your ppi refund" "but you said i was owed some money, so surly you know who from and how much?" "no, we need your details to check" "but you rang me??, didn't my bank tell you to?" "no we act on your behalf and get the money for you" "so who are you then?" "the claim center" "I have no idea who that is, so you don't act for me!" "everyone in the uk is entitled to claim back there miss sold ppi from there backs for loans etc, would you not like us to claim back your money??" (got to love him he was keen) "so I was miss sold ppi for the load I had?" "YES!" "I had a few loan's which one?" "I don't know until you tell me some details!...." "so you dont know me, but you want to help me claim back ppi?" "YES" "that's nice, is it free?" "we charge a small %, but you don't pay unless you win" "this sounds like a scam to me, you're not an African price are you?" "no sir, we are in the uk and just want to see if we can get you some money back from your bank!" "what bank?" "ohh ffs mate really!!" "ohhhhh yeah I think I know what you mean now, yeah I claimed all that back years ago pal, so I'm owed naff all, I've tried asking to be removed from the calling list that's not worked so now I will use you for entertainment until you stop" ""CLICK"
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Caller: ppi rubbish
Type of call: Likely Phishing or Scam
Report by MRS m Della
by 6 years ago
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Type of call: Telemarketer
Report by smartie
by 6 years ago
why would adobe ring me ?!!!!!!!
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Caller: adobe
Type of call: Telemarketer

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Types of call
Likely Phishing or Scam (2)
Telemarketer (2)

Who is the caller?
ppi rubbish (1)
adobe (1)

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